Pouch Records Management boxes in storage.
"Making it, As Easy as it Should Be"

Over Sized Item & Blue Print Storage

Pouch not only stores paper records, they take care of client special requests. Pouch will even store Exhibit Boards or Sales Display booths. No project is too large or small for Pouch. Pouch will pick up items from our client's offices, storage units, or homes. This way our client's staff is not overburdened. Pouch can store what you need:

Anything legal that will fit in a file box, including Christmas decorations.

Pouch Records Management irregular blue print storage.

Blue Print Storage

Some of the most important documents our clients have are the City stamped and Approved planning, Fire Department type Construction drawings and As Built plans. Product design and detail drawings are items that cannot be misplaced. Pouch can also scan these drawings allowing on line access to these most important documents.

Pouch Records Management oddly shaped packages.

Pouch also sells boxes and bags for Blue Print storage;Triangular, Square and Various size Blue Print Bags.

Digital On-line Blue Print Management

Direct Access; Digital Archive; Ongoing Value.

What is this?
Drawing Vault is a fully hosted, web based application for accessing, managing, and archiving both scanned construction drawings and digital CAD drawings.

Why Use It?
Simple interface. Quick retrieval, sharing and viewing. Protects and prolongs document life. Reduces printing and shipping costs.

Who is it for?
Commercial property owners, managers, contractors, architects, space planners, brokers, tenants and engineers. All businesses with CAD and engineering drawings.

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~Pouch is Small enough to Serve me Personally - Yet Large enough to Serve me Fully.

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