Pouch Business Records in Self Storage
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Business Records in Self Storage

Files & Business Records in Self-Storage - Concerns:

  • Lacks design & organization to manage compliance requirements.
  • Has no method to ensure files are returned to the correct box.
  • Is time-consuming; it is expensive to send employees for retrievals or returns.
  • Employees are usually not dressed for the occasion; they prefer not to do this.
  • When employees do not use an organized process; how do you find your files?
  • Self-Storage has limited height, causing higher per unit storage cost.
  • Storage Units are typically rented larger to allow for future growth.

To Organize & Manage Business Records correctly the following is required:

  • Must be done with structure, on an ongoing supervised basis.
  • Boxes clearly labeled with content description to successfully locate files.
  • Verified box descriptions; accurate data entry managed by trained employees.
  • As files age the following is necessary to minimize costs & limit liability.

What is the correct retention period?

  1. What are the legal compliance & privacy requirements to meet government standards such as; HIPAA, FACTA & SOX?
  2. How do you know when to destroy your files?
  3. What needs to be done to ensure records are destroyed correctly?

Pouch Records Management provides a computerized Bar-Coded filing system for the complete life cycle of the record.

  • Ability to research database from home or office computer 24/7.
  • Pick-up & delivery requests by telephone or on-line.
  • Records Management stores by the item; you only rent the space that needed today.

Pouch Off-Site Records Management provides an economical & efficient method of storage, including, a complete management system for the life cycle of my Records.

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