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What is Remote Back-Up | E-Vaulting?

Remote Backup works like regular data backup software, but with one important difference. Instead of sending backups to a tape drive or other media attached to the computer/server it is backing up, the remote backup software sends the backup over the Internet, regular telephone lines, or other network connections to the online backup server safely off site to a Level 3 Data Center. Backups are performed at night while computers are not being used. Backups can also be done on-demand and scheduled to run any time.

Benefits of E-Vaulting:

  • Automatic: Backups are reliable, completely automatic and done on schedule. No longer does someone have to remember to run the backup or rotate the tapes.
  • Automated file selection: The correct files are backed up! Ordinary backup software is often installed with a list of files to be backed up, this set of files represents the state of the system when the software was originally installed, and over time often overlooks critical files that were added later on. Compounding the problem, most businesses do not take the time to re-set their backup software regularly to include new files. Remote backup solves this problem by constantly re-evaluating the computer system, adding files to the backup as needed.
  • Disaster Prevention/Recovery: Remote backups are immediately transmitted off-site and safely stored in a Level 3 Data Center with triple redundancy backup! In case of fire, flood, earthquake or other disaster, critical business information is safe. Many businesses make the critical mistake of storing backups on-site at their business - if the building is damaged during a disaster, it may effect the backup, and place the company at a loss. With remote backup a business can start backups and running with new computers and the latest data no matter what happens.
  • Redundancy: Once transferred off-site to the Level 3 Data Center, the data undergoes triple redundancy backup - meaning it is mirrored on 3 backup servers.This minimizes the risk of losing any information next to zero!
  • Encryption: Remote Backups are encrypted for complete security. Tape backups are not generally encrypted so are susceptible to infiltration; anyone can gain access to a company's critical business information. Remote backup offers eight of the strongest cryptographic methods on the planet, ensuring that no-one (except the authorized), not even the service provider, can read the files.

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