Pouch Records Management data secuity diagram.
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Data Security

The close of your business day could open the door to the complete loss of your data. With companies increasingly depending on the vital information stored on their computers, conducting proper, timely backups has become critical to continuing operation and success.

Don’t put your business life on the line. Put your data in a safe place with remote backup. Remote backup is automatic, self-updating and highly secure. The data is stored in an off site, Level 3 online repository. This is the perfect “disaster recovery” plan!

Value-Added Benefits:Redundancy! Encryption! Disaster Prevention/Recovery!

Pouch Records Management offers remote backup to our Clients! If you have not researched remote back up – now is the time. Give us a call for a FREE Client Needs Assessment.

Click on the link to download the Pouch Remote Back-Up Security Flyer.

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