Pouch Records Management employee picks up boxes to deliver.
"Making it, As Easy as it Should Be"

Pickup & Delivery

Pouch Money Back Guarantee - When it comes to service and delivering on promises, Pouch puts its money where its mouth is.

Most commercial records management services requested are tied to delivering files or boxes to the customer within the time frame of the service requested (i.e. Next Day; Same Day; 4 Hour Rush; Scan-On-Demand; etc.). Pouch strives for excellence. When Pouch does not perform, the client does not pay.

  • Pouch guarantees the service requested will be received or the client does not pay, we stand behind our service guarantee 100%. (Subject to circumstances beyond the control of Pouch)

Labor and Transportation Cost Reduction - Pouch provides both pick-up and delivery services.

Our clients do not need to be concerned about transportation or personnel costs related to records movement.

  • Pouch price list ensures a low fixed cost for each transaction
  • The cost of labor and transportation is spread over the entire Pouch client base, ensuring the lowest possible cost.

GPS Managed Delivery System - All Pouch vehicles are tracked with continuous GPS monitoring; your records are tracked while in transit; we are in contact with the drivers and know the location of our delivery vehicles allowing us to handle all emergencies.

Reduction in Employee Liability - Our clients do not need  to send their employees out for mundane records movement activities, with the possibility of workman's compensation claims due to injury or accident.

  • Pouch employees are trained to lift heavy cartons with insurance provided by Pouch

Authority Required - Pouch requires authorized validation for each client transaction.

  • Boxes and Files are bar coded, work orders require signatures of both the receiving individual and the delivery personnel, dates and times are recorded, transfer points and controls are maintained in the Pouch database
  • Signed Work Orders are maintained to validate every transaction

Requesting Pick-Up & Delivery

  • Requests for Pick-Up or Delivery can be made on-line or by calling Pouch
  • When a service request is sent by 3pm on any given day - delivery arrives the next business day
  • Time Sensitive Pick-Up or Delivery - Pouch delivers at the specified time
  • Same Day Service - Calls made by 10am have the option of same day delivery
  • Emergency Delivery; - If there is an immediate need Pouch will have documents to delivered to the client within 3 hours
  • File Boxes and Supplies - Will be delivered in conjunction with any order, free of charge
  • Pouch picks up or delivers files or interfiles in a secure POUCHPACK
  • Pouch can even deliver files to any desktop through High Speed Scan on Demand

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