Pouch Records Management secure document destruction.
"Making it, As Easy as it Should Be"

Certified Document Destruction

Pouch offers confidential destruction services for both Paper and Media Materials.

  • Pouch provides large volume locked Shred Consoles with 50% more capacity for the office.
  • Shred Bins or Consoles can be delivered to the office or to your home. Service is scheduled based upon your needs—providing weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly service. The Bins are emptied by "Certified Destruction."
  • Off-site Certified Shredding or On-Site Witnessed Shredding is provided as required.
  • Client is provided with a "Certificate of Destruction" when records have been destroyed in accordance with legal requirements.
  • The "Certificate of Destruction" is supported by the client work order listing all the pertinent information for the records destroyed.

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