Pouch Records Management offers document archiving.
"Making it, As Easy as it Should Be"

Document Storage

Pouch Records Management offers a FREE Client Imaging Assessment which covers the Nuts and Bolts of Imaging.

We will discuss with you:

  • The Fundamentals of Imaging
  • Digital Document Management Systems
  • Management of digital documents and streamlined retrievals
  • Document Access
  • Document Publishing - what format is best for your operation
  • Secure File Backup for Disaster Recovery
  • The New HIPAA Regulations and how they may affect your policies and procedures.

You will discover what documents should be scanned and what documents you should not waste your $$ scanning.

You will discover if your organization is within the legal compliance rules and regulations.

You will discover how HIPAA affects you and your resource partners and if your organization is eligible for stimulus dollars to offset your costs.

Learn the 5 basic components of launching a digital document work flow:

  • Capture and Import Tools
  • Method for Storing and Archiving documents
  • Indexing/Retrieval Applications
  • Ability to Export document from system
  • Security Protection

Finally, learn the Self-Warranty Guidelines and establish controls to ensure the Integrity, Accuracy, and Reliability of the records. Ensure systems allow:

  • Document retrieval as needed
  • Documents stored in an acceptable media format
  • Documents maintained in an unalterable format
  • Enable a complete and accurate transfer of records

Pouch Records Management welcomes the opportunity to partner with you as you venture into the world of digital records.

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