Pouch Records Management paperless process
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Paperless Office

Pouch Records Management maintains many items in electronic form however, the following are some items to be considered when going paperless.

  1. Since the advent of the computer, paper consumption has increased annually, we print out letters or documents to proof read them many times, before they reach their final form.
  2. Some businesses require that prior print outs be kept to track the history of the documents creation, how it reached it's final form, this is most likely with legal or research documents.
  3. Depending on the Retention Period required for specific records, it might be necessary to keep old Software, even Hardware to enable digitally stored documents to be accessed and read.
  4. One option is to update all electronically stored documents as the software is updated. However, flagging and managing the continuous flow of software updates from Accounting, to Word, to Spreadsheets, could become a monumental task.
  5. Accessing and finding computer stored documents can be difficult unless every person within a business office follows a precise and organized system of file management.
  6. Employees are inclined to create variations to a computer filing system, filing documents to suit their desires. This creates an arduous task for any business when employees leave their employment.
  7. Depending on the retention period and how often documents need to be accessed, the cost of accurately scanning documents/files for electronic storage can be exorbitant in relationship to the cost of storage in a Commercial records Center.
  8. The preparation of the files for scanning can be an arduous and costly task, especially if there are notes, staples, paper clips, folded attachments, etc. within the files.

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