Record Storage FAQs
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Question: How much space will it take to store your Records?
Answer: Pouch Records Management in Fullerton, CA, commercial records center is located in a 30-foot clear warehouse with three levels of racking specifically designed for Records Storage purposes. Records are not stored by the square foot of floor area as in a typical office or storage unit, etc. they are stored based on the cubic feet of space utilized within the racking system, which provides excellent Storage Cost Controls for clients. The advantage of incrementally storing items is that when items or files are added, clients only pay for the additional cubic feet of space used (eg. blue print or file box, etc.). Then as items are destroyed or removed from storage these costs are reduced in the same manner. Pouch on-line records management system, allows clients to manage destruction dates so items are not kept in storage longer than necessary, which is another cost saving measure.

Question: Do you need to bring on more staff to oversee the Move and prepare Documentation?
Answer: Pouch can take care of everything for me, or work with my staff for a smooth transition. Pouch even amortizes these costs so my cash flow is maintained.

Question: What if there is an Emergency and you need your Records?
Answer: Pouch offers a 3-hour emergency delivery.

Question: What benefits does Pouch offer over its Competitors?
Answer: Pouch is a privately owned and operated business: "Small enough to Serve me Personally yet Large enough to Serve me Fully". Pouch operates out of a modern facility with all security measures in place to protect records. Pouch owns and operates their own fleet of vehicles with GPS tracking enabling records to be tracked continuously. Pouch drivers are typically assigned to the same routes providing our clients with the comfort, familiarity and personalized attention. Pouch free Shred consoles in the office help maintain; HIPAA, FACTA and SOX compliance standards. Pouch handles Recycling or Certified Destruction of old records whenever needed. Pouch takes care of all client's needs; Retention Scheduling; Digital Imaging, Scan on Demand; Remote Back Up; On-Line access to Storage Inventory 24/7.

Question: Does Pouch ever lose Office Files or Records Boxes?
Answer: No, Pouch does not lose office files or records boxes because they utilize a three and four step scanning process, reconciled on a daily basis. Clients provide Pouch Records with detailed box descriptions that are cross-referenced to the Pouch Records bar code labels.

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