Pouch Records Management building and security.
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Building & Security

Pouch Commercial Records Storage Center file storage in Fullerton, CA operates out of a modern 30-foot clear concrete tilt-up building, which includes a monitored fire and security system in a spacious and clean environment for important documents. Records are stored in a stable three level catwalk system with Earthquake protection to meet the requirements of the Uniform Building Code. Space planning maximizes the density of storage, which insures that the cost per item in storage is kept low. Clients are provided with excellent cost controls, and only pay for the actual occupied record space.

Pouch Records Storage Security

Separation of the Business Records from the Client Enterprise - The simple fact that business-records access is separated from employee's adds to the integrity value of the record itself. Courts and regulators require proof that documents have Integrity.

Privacy - Business records are private and kept by random bin location.

  • Boxes do not require outside identification
  • No visitor is allowed into the Pouch warehouse without an escort and authority to enter
  • It is virtually impossible for an intruder to find a box, file or document unless they have access privileges to the Pouch secured database

Security Card Reader controls access to the building along with access to the various sections or the building. Only authorized persons can pass through these access points; each time the card reader is accessed the details are recorded.

Security CCTV Monitoring System creates a record of the activities within and around the building, these activities are displayed on the monitor in the offices. The security is monitored 24 hours a day, as is the Fire Sprinkler system.

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