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File Storage

Storage Cost Control - Most companies do not analyze or break out the total cost of their record keeping program, because these costs are spread between capital expenditures, building rent, utilities, manpower costs, plus the significant costs associated with not being able to locate a record. Once an outsourced provider becomes custodian of the records, all costs are tracked, plus invoices are sent each month; control of record keeping begins. Remember office space used for storage becomes valuable Office Space when Records Management is outsourced to Pouch.

Advantage of Incremental Cost of Storage - After records are transported into the CRC (Commercial Records Center) the cost of storage for additional stored items is incremental (added per item placed in storage). This is more economical than renting the present maximum space requirement, as with a Warehouse or a Self Storage Unit. Clients only pay incrementally for the storage space used. The most economical way to store files is in the standard 1.2 cubic foot legal/letter size storage box.

Pouch stores many different items taking care of all of my needs:

  • Check Boxes
  • X-Ray Boxes
  • Legal & Letter Size Transfer Cases
  • Blue Print Boxes & Bags
  • Computer Paper Boxes
  • Odd Size Boxes

Pouch guarantees Pouch purchased boxes for the life of the box, when stored in the Pouch Commercial Records Center.

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