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File Indexing, Tracking, Customized Reporting & On-Line Access

Reduce Filing Errors and Lost Files by bar-coding your file boxes and files within those boxes. The bar coding of BOXES; FILES within the BOX; (even PAGES within the FILE) allows our clients to record the location and movement of each bar-coded item when they are moved. Each item is scanned to each location, providing a continuous record of the files whereabouts, this can be reviewed on-line via the Pouch Web Browser.

Pouch Records Management customer records file location

File, Box or Item Tracking - Pouch Operating Software ensures inventory control from the first day of storage to the end of the life cycle. This information is maintained through internal Pouch controls.

  • Not only is the item in storage tracked by location, it is also tracked historically, we know where it has been
  • Complete history of the box location
  • Details of persons accessing items
  • Details of when it was "retrieved" and it was "re-filed"
User friendly file management interface at Pouch Records

Pouch is an extension of your office - Pouch customizes client reporting to meet client specific needs. Pouch delivers file boxes and bar-code labels to our client's office printed in the quantities required; from the moment a Pouch bar-code label is placed on a box in a client's office, the location of the box, or files within the box, can be tracked once the box or file descriptions are entered into the Pouch on-line web browser. File descriptions for record management may be done by the client on-line or if the client prefers by Pouch Records. When boxes are picked up in our client's office, the client is provided with a receipt for each bar coded item which insures continuous tracking of important documents.

On-Line Access

  • Clients can search and request Active or Archived files right from their desktop
  • No special software required, simply connect to the Internet using a standard Internet browser
  • The Pouch on-line file server can be accessed 24/7 utilizing Restricted Authorization rights set up by the client
  • Authorized employees have their own: log-in; User ID & Password
  • Each authorized user can have full or limited access

Customized Reporting to meet client needs - clients organize Index fields, using as many fields as needed.

  • Pouch monitors Retention Schedules and Destruction Dates to meet client needs and for Legal Compliance
  • Pouch organizes information allowing the client to describe records for easy recognition and access in the future
  • Sort and Query to find files, printing reports as necessary, all on-line 24/7
  • Search & Request files from office desktop

Notification of Items Out of Storage - Just like a library sends a notice for overdue books. Pouch can inform its clients when files or boxes are out past their "threshold". A threshold can be set at 30, 60 or 90 or 120 days.

~Pouch is Small enough to Serve me Personally - Yet Large enough to Serve me Fully.

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